childhood leukemia support groups

Can a Leukemia Support Group Help You?

It can be devastating when a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic condition or disease, such as leukemia. For some families, visiting childhood leukemia support groups help them deal with the effects of leukemia and learn more about it. Let’s discuss what leukemia is and how a support group can be beneficial to family members as well as loved ones dealing with leukemia.

What Is Leukemia?

Leukemia is a cancer that affects the white blood cells in the body. These cells fight infections in the body and prevent diseases from developing. When someone has this disease, their bone marrow produces abnormal blood cells that don’t function the way healthy while blood cells do. It’s commonly diagnosed in children and the success rate of treatment is high, so many children are cured.

Why Go to a Support Group?

A support group for leukemia helps individuals deal with the changes that the disease causes life. These are safe places where family members, patients, and even caregivers can discuss their experience and listen to the experiences of others that are experiencing a similar situation.

childhood leukemia support groups

Support groups can benefit patients by helping individuals manage the stages of the disease and treatment they are going through. Family members, friends, and caregivers can use the group to express their emotions and talk to peers that understand them in a comfortable setting.

A support group isn’t a replacement for professional therapy, which may also be beneficial to patients as well as family members. However, a support group is a great step towards understanding leukemia and its effects. You can find a support group near you by looking online or speaking with medical professionals, such as nursing staff. You may also be able to find support groups by talking to families that are also dealing with leukemia and other debilitating diseases.

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