tooth extraction aftercare st louis

What Must Still Happen After Tooth Extracted

tooth extraction aftercare st louis

By the time the dentist has extracted your troublesome tooth, do not for a moment think that that is going to be it. In fact, while necessary tooth extraction aftercare st louis work is not necessarily going to be a long and drawn out affair, this really is where the real work may have to begin. Perhaps pulling that troublesome tooth was the easiest procedure of the lot. And just so you know, perhaps he doesn’t even need to pull the tooth anyway.

This is what needs to happen first. First comes the dental exam. It will be thorough and accurate results will always be produced. The dentist’s diagnosis may well have decided that perhaps, after all, the damage to your tooth was not as extensive after all. And if that is the case, nothing more than a tooth filling will be required. This does not take long to do and of course, you will hardly feel a thing.

Speaking of which, you will hardly feel a thing in the event of your tooth having to be extracted. And in any case, this is what the dentist must still do before he even thinks of pulling your tooth. In fact, even before he applies his local anesthetic, he’s first got to numb the affected area. What this means too of course is that you will not even feel the needle from the local anesthetic being applied. About the most you should feel is nothing more than a prick.

It is certainly not painful. Now, after the tooth is extracted, the dentist will prep you for the aftercare work that will be necessary. He’ll start walking you through the likely fitting of a partial denture or even a dental implant.

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